Firefox extensions: anyone know of one for saving all my tabs upon exit?
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Firefox extensions: anyone know of one for saving all my tabs upon exit? [MI]

I'd been using AvantBrowser for IE, and only recently switched to Firefox. Avant had a "save pages" feature that saves all the currently open URLs when I exit the browser (or when it hangs and I restart it), and loads them up all up again the next time I start the browser. I'm reasonably sure that there has already been an extension written for Firefox that can duplicate this functionality, but my padawan search-fu only turns up an assortment of save-page-to-disk extensions and Avant-vs-Firefox flamewars. AskMe, you're my only hope!

I'd also like to improve my search-fu, so if you found a solution via a search engine, please let me know which syntax/terms you used. Thanks!
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Looks like Session Saver will do that kind of thing.
posted by Dipsomaniac at 12:53 AM on February 11, 2005

Curse you, Murphy!


Hours of searching defeated by minutes of having posted on AskMe. That'll learn me.

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Eh, I meant that I had managed to stumble upon it myself by blind luck right after posting, not that you answered the question too quickly, Dipsomaniac. :)
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What-fu "search-fu"?
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The source of all fu. (Scroll down to translation and usage.)
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Tab Browser Extensions has this built in (under it's Startup options), but that suggetss it's a native behavior you could turn on in about:config. Checking there reveals a "browser.tabs.extensions.startup_action_overlay.selected_session", but I'm not sure what it does.
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SessionSaver pass5 - The Extensions Mirror

looks like a newer version of sessionsaver.
(I haven't tried this version yet.)
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Is there a way to set up Firefox so that if you've already got a browser open, and you go to your start menu and open another one, that it will just maximize the old one?

Photoshop does this, but Firefox just opens a new instance of the browser.
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andrew: make a short cut to your homepage instead of to the firefox.exe. if firefox is already open, it will open a new tab to your home page in your current browser. (i'm using Tabbrowser Preferences so your setup might work differently).

that's close to what you were asking...hit ctrl-w to close this new tab and you're back to what you started with.
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