Interesting / quirky suggestions for Valentine's Day?
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Interesting / quirky suggestions for Valentine's Day? I'm based in London but it doesn't have to be UK-specific - I would be happy to hear your more general anecdotes of memorable romantic or eccentric activities. NB: She doesn't like expensive meals and is afraid of heights. (Posted anonymously so the lady in question doesn't figure that I've turned to AskMeFi for inspiration!)
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(Of course, she'll know if you adapt from any of our experiences...)

I don't know how long you've known her (and I'd say <5 years, this would just be creepy,) but a few years back my husband got me the best gift ever. he took a television box, and filled it with everything i liked- books by my favorite author, a few issues of my favorite (non-subscribed) magazines, every snack and sweet i'd ever mentioned liking, bars of my favorite lush soap, etc., etc., etc.. it was literally a box of all of my favorite things, and not was it amazing because of the sheer volume of stuff i got to play with, it was incredibly romantic that he knew me i>that well.
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One year I bought my girlfriend a stuffed-animal iguana complete with pebbles in the stomach, and had the store wrap a big black ribbon and bow around the neck ("Wait -- do you by any chance have black!?" It took a great deal of convincing). It held pride of place in my girlfriend's room until the next Valentimes Day. Obviously this requires the right girl.
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I'm trying to get us a spot at the local curling club.
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Postpone the celebration to 14 March instead.
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