Xerox Workcentre 7132 Waste Toner Container Trickery?
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Sweet MetaFilter, would anyone happen to have a quick fix regarding a Xerox Workcentre 7132? The poor machine is asking me to replace the Waste Toner Container [R3] and Cleaning Bar [R4] . . . yet my workplace has no spares to replace! Is there anyway I can trick/jimmy/cajole the beast in order to induce proper functioning until a replacement arrives?
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On our Xerox Phaser 6110 you can just dump the waste toner cartridge into a trash bag. Seal the bag around your hand while you do this and then tie it closed, I'm sure the toner is nasty to breathe.

Sorry I can't help with the Cleaning Bar.
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Call your local Xerox rep. They may have some locally, or may be able to borrow them from another customer, and replace them when your order arrives. I've had similar things happen, and have been on both the borrowing and lending end of such arrangements. I've even had them loan me the items from their demo models in a pinch.
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Whenever a copier gives an error message and refuses to copy, you can always try shutting off the main power switch for five minutes, then turning it back on and letting it go through its start-up procedure. With luck, it will copy OK... for a while ... until it once again notices that [R3] and [R4] or whatever need attention.
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