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Small-scale, short-term, reasonably-priced storage in Paris. Any ideas?

I'm going to be hiking for about six weeks to two months, and need to store some things in Paris. Not much: just one guitar, and one or two duffel bags (but including a laptop and a few other things of value). Any ideas for how I can do this with the least amount of hassle and money possible? Recommended places? I'm having trouble getting real stats, like price or capacity, on any of the French storage companies' websites. Anywhere on the M├ętro is fine. Thanks! (there are previous threads on this, but none of the answers provided any storage places-- is it really cheaper to mail giant pieces of luggage than to store them?!)
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We stored about the same amount of stuff as you have for eight weeks at near Gare Montparnasse two summers ago. We didn't leave our laptops, though, because we needed them. I think we paid about 60 euros per month for a locked, unairconditioned/unheated bin. The service was great. The only hitch might be that they ask for a local address, European cell phone number, and all kinds of bureaucratic nonsense. The people running the place were great, but the paperwork was a pain--read the fine print.
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I stored a bicycle and touring gear for a month last summer at the Shurgard near Gare de l'Est. The staff were great, and patient with my utterly awful French, but it wasn't cheap - IIRC around 100 euros/month after tax.

Seconding Elsie about the paperwork. Passport, local address, French cell number, voided personal check, references, etc etc etc. If you're not a native speaker, no kidding, plan a couple of hours to move in.
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