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Looking for songs that reference Pittsburgh.

Already thought of:

Talking Heads, "Life During Wartime"
Simon & Garfunkel, "America"
James Brown, "Living in America"
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Not to paint this place in a horrible light or anything, but Pete Seeger's "Pittsburgh Town".
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Phish, "Bittersweet Motel"

halfway between erie and Pittsburgh
you put me through hell
on the highway to the bittersweet motel
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Fountains of Wayne - "Radiation Vibe"
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My aunt had 9 year old me convinced that Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me" referenced Pittsburgh: "gonna cruise the Miracle Mile".

The Miracle Mile is a shopping center in Monroeville, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Probably not the reference Billy was making.
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Chuck Berry, Sweet Little Sixteen: "They're really rocking in Boston, in Pittsburgh, Pa."
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If you've never heard Ceann, you're missing out. Such gems as "Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk."
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Nanci Griffith, "The Flyer"
("did I leave my heart in Pittsburgh")

Kool Keith, "New York City"
("Bitch you need to get out the boroughs/and move to Kansas or Pittsburgh or somethin")

Christina Aguilera, "I Will Be"
("all the things that you never expected to see from little old me, this Pittsburgh girl")

Charlie Daniels Band, "In America"
"You just go and lay your hand/on a Pittsburgh Steelers fan/and I think you will finally understand")

Chris Rea, "I Can Hear Your Heartbeat"
("From the mills way down in Pittsburgh/to the clubs of Gay Paree)

Traveling Wilburys, "Margarita"
("It was in Pittsburgh, late one night/Lost my hat, got into a fight")

(Disclaimer: is a beautiful thing)
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They Might Be Giants - Pittsburgh (intro by John Hodgman)
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Frank Black, "I'm Not Dead (I'm in Pittsburgh)" ("like the weeds in all the cracks/all my memories come back/like some Allegheny smack in the face")
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The Outcasts: I'm in Pittsburgh (And It's Raining) - available here.
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The Gathering Field's "Lost it in the Sun" has the line "I took a plane from Worcester back to Pittsburgh" in the chorus. They're semi-local though.
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Johnny Cash's "I've been everywhere" and Elvis Costello's "Sulphur and sugarcane" both list Pittsburgh in their lists of cities.
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Depending on how broad of a definition you want to take, The Clarks' song "Cigarette" has:
It houses circus freaks, temptation and the Fayette County Fair
And it reeks of love gone sour, suspicion and big hair

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The Clarks'

They're from Pittsburgh, so I think a lot of their songs reference the area.
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A Good Man is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh) by Bruce Springsteen.
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Clarks/Gathering Field: Yeah, I guess I should have qualified that, since I'm already familiar with the local guys. And I am kicking myself over Charlie Daniels.
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Six Days on the Road.
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Pittsburgh by Mason Jennings.
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Hem - "Reservoir"

"Just outside of Pittsburgh, it's really not that far
Saw a light come shining 'cross the reservoir"
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Oh man, I have an obscure country song for ya! Pittsburgh Stealers by The Kendalls. It contains the classic lines:

They could call us the Pittsburgh stealers
Stealing happiness and cheating anytime we can
We both know the score but we run back for more

What could be better than a homophone playing off the name of the football team that is synonymous with PGH?!?!
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Oh, and here's an amusing YouTube video of the 45RPM recording of Pittsburgh Stealers playing on a turntable. Seriously!
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John Gorka - "Grand Larceny"
"Pittsburgh has the Steelers and the Pirates and the Thieves"
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Crawlin' Low Band - Butler

I know at least one of their songs has 'redd up' in it but I can't find online versions.

Look for some of the other classic locals like Donnie Iris and Norm Nardini. I would expect they use this and other local colloquialisms in, at least, every third song.
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Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen".
("They're really rockin' in Boston/ Pittsburgh, PA")
I'm kinda surprised no one's said that one yet.
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There are, of course, different versions of the "Here We Go" Pittsburgh Steelers song. I remember having to sing one of them during music class in 1996.
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My computer's "radio station" just decided to play Memphis Slim's "Harlem Bound". It mentions Pittsburgh. ("All aboard...Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Newark, New Jersey, New York City")
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Well... there's a song called Pittsburgh, by The Lemonheads. Does that count?
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Here's the Kendalls doing "Pittsburgh Steelers" live.

The Kendalls were great, hard-core country. A father-daughter duo who specialized in cheatin' songs.
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Another one I thought of last night - Todd Snider - America's Favorite Pastime, about Doc Ellis' no-hitter.
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Morrissey - On the Streets I Ran

And when the palmist said
"One Thursday you will be dead"
I said: "No, not me, this cannot be
Dear God, take him, take them, take anyone
The stillborn
The newborn
The infirm
Take anyone
Take people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Just spare me!"
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U.S. Steel by Tom Russell (ok, it's Homestead, not Pittsburgh, but it's close)

"Homestead Pennsylvania, the home of U.S. Steel
And the men down at the Homestead Works
Are sharing one last meal
Sauerkraut and kielbasa, a dozen beers or more
A hundred years of pouring slab,
They�re closing down the door
And this mill won�t run no more"
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