Where to find legitimate sex partners online
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What is the most reliable site for strictly finding sexual partners?

I am basically looking for a site or collective where I can meet swingers or other sexually minded people other than something like Adultfriendfinder.com (it just looks so unreliable). Also, does anyone have experience with swingers clubs? I've been looking for clubs but it seems like most are oriented toward either couples or single women. Is it difficult to find what I'm looking for at swing clubs while being a single male (early 20s)? thanks.
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From friends of mine who are swingers: You'll have a difficult time online too. Couples have plenty of single males to pick from anywhere - clubs and online. They suggest www.swinglifestyle.com though.
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It will be very difficult for you. Single men who want sex in the swinging community are just like single men who want sex in the regular community. Easy to come by. Your best bet is to find a girl you like who is open minded and become a swinging couple. That will open a lot more doors for you.

Note-I'm not saying find some girl to pretend to be part of a couple with you-most swingers are wise to this and find it very distasteful. I mean, find a girl into the same thing and go have fun together.
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Just happened to be chatting with a friend who's done this sort of thing, asked her where she's met her no-strings-attached partners; her short answer was "okcupid if I'm willing to date a bit, adultfriendfinder otherwise."
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There is a huge conceptual gulf between outright *saying* (or admitting) that you are looking for casual sex, and going through the ceremony of getting a meal first.
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craigslist's casual encounters section is an option, too.
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