Why do Word and Excel for Mac OS 10 open as read-only?
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Suddenly, my Word and Excel for Mac OS10 open as read only, with a command to save them with a new name. I haven't advertently (is that the opposite of inadvertently?) fiddled with anything. Anyone have a clue why? Thanks.
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Were they licensed or were you using them on a trial basis? I still have a copy of Word that expired on my computer, only opens up as read only and refuses to let me do anything aside from look at a document. Don't know if this is the case for you. (I've switched to OpenOffice for now).
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no, deacon-blues, they're licensed. i'm going to check out OpenOffice; thanks for the lead...
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Have you repaired the permissions on your Mac lately? Doing so might remedy the situation.
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Which version are you talking about? Mac Office 2008? (version 12), Mac OS X 10 dot what? (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard)

I remember when Leopard or Office 2008 came out, Microsoft warned people to delete the trial versions before installing the full version. Why it stopped working for you after a greater time isn't clear. I suspect you'll need to go over to Microsoft.com/mac and find out how to uninstall Office completely, then reinstall it again and run the updates. Pain in the ass for sure, but since you paid money for Office you should be able to use it.
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Did you upgrade to OS 10.6 recently? Are your documents on the network? There's a bug. I don't remember the details just now, but I'll try to find them.
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Actually, I think it's in 10.6.1.
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hello all.
no, i still have 10.4.11; the trial version is long gone. it's Word X for Mac. haven't repaired the permissions but will see how that goes...thanks.
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To answer the other question, advertently is an antonym of inadvertently, but not a common one -- mindfully or intentionally are better choices.
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