Let's dance!
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My friends and I are looking for a good place to go dancing tonight, in NYC. We'd prefer Manhattan or Brooklyn, and a dance party would be much better than some huge, crazy club.

Heres what we like - low cover, cheap drinks, fun music of any type really, although rock and electronica would be extra good. live bands or djs are both great.

heres what we hate! pretentious people, sleazy guys, bouncers who let you in based on what youre wearing, table service, bottle service, anything like that. the less swank the better. we generally like dive bars.

we really just want a chill, fun night, with dancing. I've had fun at Luke & Leroy in the past, but that was years ago. Theres a Depeche Mode dance party at Sullivan Room that wouldve been perfect, but its off the table for personal reasons.

Suggestions are appreciated!
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There's a Rubulad part in Bed-Stuy tonight. Depends on where dancey-pants hipsters fall on your pretense spectrum, but the parties are loud, huge, and lots of fun.
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Bembe in Williamsburg is exactly where you want to be.
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I don't know if it's gone downhill since a year or two ago, but any time I ever went to Niagara (on the SE corner of 7th and A), I had a blast. It's a seedy dive bar type place upstairs, complete with old-man-regular types, but if you walk through and down the stairs in the back, there was a tiki-bar type area with a DJ and lotsa dancing. I think they may even have had a "stripper pole", which was more like a support pole that people would randomly get up and dance with. And the drinks were pretty cheap, too!
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Crooked Disco Fridays is put together by friends, but I have no involvement whatsoever financially or otherwise. Free party, at Poisson Rouge. Tonight’s edition features guests (Pretty) Girls and Lasers. Again, not a self link, just passing on a party I heard about through friends.
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I love Niagara! Havent been there in a while, but thats definitely the vibe we're looking for. I hear good things about Bembe too. Bed Stuy might be a little too deep into Brooklyn for us.

Bunnycup, I was thinking about the one you mentioned... only problem is, we were at Poisson Rouge last night! But its not out of the question.

Please keep the suggestions coming!
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I tend to find Rubulad awesome, but better as an afterparty situation because of how packed it gets. Brooklyn Sanctuary has House of Hearts tonight, and that's where I would go if i could go out tonight!
I can only find a facespace link to it atm.
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I haven't been since my swinging single days of '08, but Royal Oak in Williamsburg usually has a sweaty, packed dance floor. The music skews more MGMT and Passion Pit, but again, very fun.
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Bembe in Brooklyn is an eclectic crowd getting down in a small spot with no pretension. For posterity ;)
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