Seattle Flashmob--How Do I Find One?
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Are flashmobs still "in"? I would like to participate in one in Seattle and Googled Seattle and flashmob but the only hits are for flashmobs that happened some years ago. Unfortunately I missed the Thriller flashmob in Seattle last summer. Anyone know how I could participate in a flashmob in Seattle, even if such things aren't popular anymore?
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Invent your own, post it on Craigslist, and hope people turn up. Voila.
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These folks should be helpful.
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Flashmobs are definitely still in, but different than before. Because the novelty has somewhat worn off from when people realized the potential of mass texting, a longer lead time is a bit more the norm (ala the Thriller flash mob, which for many required one or more rehearsals).

Molly's suggestion of Improv Everywhere is a good place to go - I believe they have a forum listing localized versions of the group. Also check around for "cacophony" type groups in your area. Zombie crawl message boards might also be a good place to find likeminded individuals.

If you want to start from the ground up, acquaint yourself with the local Yelp message board, or other locally focused sites, and see what they have to say. I don't think it would be too hard to find others interested, or even stuff that may be brewing.
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There is a Seattle Cacophony Society branch, I don't know if they do flashmobs though.
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I really, really want to be part of a group that "breaks out into song" (ala a musical) in, for example, the International District Station (above ground). So if you want to organize that ...
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Hm, I was going to suggest World Pillowfight Day on April 3rd, but it looks like Seattle isn't participating. You might have to start your own pillowfightin' flash mob. They're awesome.

I also see there is a severe lack of Complaint Choirs in the United States!
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Also, at the risk of stating the obvious:
Flashmob Seattle is planning a Glee Flashmob on April 10th. Rehearsals have already started, but why not give that a try? And even if not, that group does seem to be organising things regularly.
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This has been all over the news where I live - Philadelphia is currently experiencing problems with "flash mobs". So, yes, but in a different manner. Or at least the term is being applied differently.

I was listening to the story this morning just wishing that someone could organize some type of good flash mob around here. Violent, destructive mobs? You're doing it wrong.
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I was planning on echoing what kellygrape already mentioned; practically every morning, my local NPR station (WHYY from Philly) talks about the dangers of flash mobs, curfews for teenagers, and so forth. I was actually thinking about posting to AskMe about whether this change was nationwide. I guess not....
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