Need suggestions for a computer chair (Toronto, Canada)
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Need suggestions for a computer chair (Toronto, Canada)

I am looking for a computer chair, not quite sure where to start. Currently sitting on a kitchen chair. I prefer something with wheels. I am living in Toronto, Canada. Budget is $100 to $200.

I prefer something like a mesh back chair (but cheaper mesh chairs are so crappy). I can accept other styles (leather back, fabric, etc) of chairs as well.

I can buy new or used but I am not sure if buying a second hand chair is such good idea.

What stores are there?

There is Staples, there is IKEA (I have seen the chairs and I think I prefer something else), there is Costco (but I have no membership and I live far away).

What do the people here at MetaFilter suggest? I am in dire need of a new chair.
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I'd just go to Staples on University. Their chairs are overpriced but at least there's a selection of mesh back things.

I once bought one from a store in Kensington at the bottom of Augusta but I wouldn't recommend them.
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As with other types of purchases, the pickier you are, the better off you'll be in final satisfaction. Just searching Google with a general inquiry (What should I look for in a computer chair?) leads to a number of tips.

How much height adjustment do you like? Do you like to lean back in your chair? Arm-rest height? Lumbar support? Seat angle, seat width and depth? (Seat depth is huge if you're shorter than average.) How long do you intend on sitting in it during a given day?

Or are you so completely average and fine with virtually every chair style on the market that the only thing you really do care about is wheels? Lucky.

If comfort does matter beyond aesthetic, then you'd do well to sit down and actually try various chairs at local office supply chains. Don't go into a store at this point thinking that you must buy a chair there just by virtue of being present; go first to try things out, and you may be surprised that the pretty leather executive chair you looked at before actually feels awful. If you're mainly after aesthetic or have a specific model idea already, searching online can be useful as well.
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I love my Acadia chair. For a cheap chair it's surprisingly comfortable.
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I swear by backless kneeler chairs for long stints. They're generally cheap (less than USD200). Dunno where you'd get them in Toronto, though; Amazon US has them.
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There are used office furniture stores that might be a place to get a deal. My dad bought me a great computer chair for about 60% of the retail price, and it looked brand new to me. I think he got it at the Addmore on Spadina near Adelaide, but I could not swear to it.
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