How do I say “Happy birthday, stepbrother!” in Latin?
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How do I say “Happy birthday, stepbrother!” in Latin?

The closest Internet translation services will get me is “Gauisus natalis, frater consanguineus!” but I've got no idea if that's any good.
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"consanguineus" sounds like one with whom you share blood, which a step-brother is not.
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I haven't taken Latin in years, but a little searching suggest:
Felix dies natalis, vitrici filus!
One site I saw suggested the accusative might be more appropriate for "Happy birthday," changing it to:
Felicem diem natalem, vitrici filius!
...but I'm rusty on the declension rules. (Also, I'm not sure if "stepbrother" needs to be modified.)
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When we used to sing "Happy Birthday" in Latin, we always used "Felicem natalem." On stepbrother, though, you're on your own.
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My dictionary gives no term for 'stepbrother'. The suggestion above, vitrici filius, means 'son of the step-father'; if you use that you'd want to change it to vitrici fili since that's vocative case, which is used to address people. Of course he may be the son of your step-mother which would be (in vocative case) novercae fili.
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The "accusative of exclamation" would apply here, so "Felicem diem natalem" it is.
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Thanks everyone! All five answers were helpful; I marked the ones that directly helped me to formulate the translated phrase as best answers.

In the end, I used “Felicem diem natalem, novercae fili!”.

(I probably should have mentioned in the question that he's the son of my stepmother.)
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