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Please help me make my new computer case a little more snazzy.

We are in the process of building a new system and Mr. Hapless has chosen this case.

He is leaving it to me to customize it in some way. I'm not artistic/handy enough to go full on mod- I just want something nice and simple, and that could maybe be removed as our tastes change.

All of the wraps I seem to find involve flaming skulls or blue lightning and that really isn't the look we're going for. I found a ton of cool vinyl decals for Macbooks- is there a place doing anything similar for PC cases? Alternatively, does anyone have any good recs of online companies that do custom vinyl decals?

Thank you!
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You might look for vinyl wall decals. They're popular on a lot of modern design sites. I think they'd look better on the smaller space of a computer than they do on a wall. The place that springs to mind that carries them is Ferm, but I'm sure there are dozens of other places to look.
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Have you actually acquired and seen the case in person? I've got one of the first-gen Lian Li aluminum cases and to be frank I wouldn't do a thing to it. It looks... classy compared to all of the beige boxes around. It's like Lian-Li distilled the essence of what a generic computer case is and made subtle yet striking refinements, like the straight 90 degree corners with just a hint of rounding, the mesh grille in front looking almost like something from a high-tech humidor, the solidity of that much aluminum. This is not a flimsy case. No, it is substantial, and in black as you chose, almost like a Monolith.

But if you're dead set on doing something to differentiate it, a quick and easy thing to do would be to use those two fans mounts in front of the hard drive bays and pop in some 80mm fans with LEDs in the housing. Would give you an effect similar to this, or this, and would be very easy to reverse. You can get fans with LEDs in most colors of the rainbow as well, not just blue. Red might look really cool.
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Something from Blik maybe?
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I love my Antec P182. I opted for the black finish, but the mirror finish one was nice.

Check out the Case Mod gallery in the [H]ard OCP forums for some inspiration!
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That mirror finish is AMAZING and perfect. Thank you!
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