Where can I buy a Thermapen in the D.C. Area?
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Where can I buy a Thermapen in the D.C. Area? After reading fifteen million positive reviews on this device, I'm going to take the plunge and buy one. I'm feeling a bit impatient, though, and would also like to avoid S&H costs. Do you know of any restaurant supply joints or other stores around the District that carry them? Thanks, Hive!
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Call Sur La Table. There's one on Wisconsin Ave near Friendship Heights. If it's for the kitchen, and if it's expensive, they probably have it.
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I'd give Hill's Kitchen a ring. You will also get first hand advice on any product you are considering from them (or the chefs that shop there and overhear your conversation).
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I think you might get it sooner by just giving up and ordering it online now. I was in the SF bay area and never found one on the shelf, and that area is foodie central. I'll confirm that the Thermapen is awesome, btw. I love my Thermapen.
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King Arthur Flour frequently has it online for free shipping and they occasionally have 10% - 20% off codes. It appears to be free to ship right now.
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King Arthur Flour is where mine came from, actually -- should have mentioned that.
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