Heavyweight paper in Manhattan/NNJ?
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Where can I find heavyweight, textured paper suitable for an invitation in Manhattan or northern New Jersey?

We need heavy paper to print invitations on. We tried staples and AC Moore - but the heaviest papers we found there were about half as thick as we want. We are also looking for a subtle texture, something that text will still be readable upon.

What was extremely disappointing about the papers at AC Moore was that the textures were only on one side of the paper, the backs were completely plain.
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Kate's Paperie

They have wonderful stuff.
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Kate's and Papyrus dotted across Manhattan; Lee's in Midtown; Paper Presentation in Chelsea? They're all places you should be able to call in advance, too.
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Response by poster: A little clarification - we are looking for flat white paper with no decoration other than some texture.

Lee's looks like it might be promising. We also thought about Pearl Paint.
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I frequent Paper Presentation (for cotton cardstock), so it's definitely worth a look. Their website does not do a good job listing the variety of paper they have in the store.
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Kate's has (at least at the midtown branch) a whole room of different kinds of plain paper, in various textures and colours (and white). It might have what you want.
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There's a Paper Source in Princeton NJ, if that fits in your range.
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I think that Michael's sells the sort of paper/card stock you're thinking of.

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Pearl Paint on Canal Street actually has a pretty good paper selection.
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