E-mail capable disk space monitor?
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I'm looking for an application that can monitor the free space on several hard drives and generate email alerts if certain conditions are met, I've googled but haven't been able to find any capable, free software for this, little help?
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damn, sorry about that, WinXP.
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double damn, yes, I need to monitor hard drives on more than one machine.
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I'm very happy with Big Brother for this purpose.

By the way, there's no need to add your name to the body of a post. The server will do that for you.
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Second on Big Brother -- it works very well.
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Big Brother looks like big overkill, it requires IIS and is not for XP and has a server/client install. I'm really just looking for a little app to run in my systray and let me know if my w/s is getting full.
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How about FreeSpacePro? From the description: "Displays all drives including removable, cdroms and network drives.Select up to ten drives to display in real-time! Has mini-meter in tray-icon. Can play sound or execute program on low disk space."
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The built-in Windows Performance Monitor (found in Administrative tools) can do this, sort of. You can create alerts that run when free space falls below some minimum. (Create a new alert, and for each computer, add the "Logical Drive" counter "Free Megabytes.") The tricky part is making it send e-mail. Although it doesn't have built-in SMTP ability, it can run an arbitrary program. So if you can find a program that can send email from a command line, it could work.
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