Help me locate this necklace I saw on someone, please
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I saw a necklace on an acquaintance who received it as a gift. It is a diamond ring cut out of a flat piece of gold or gold-seeming metal. This is a pendant on a necklace. Where can I find this?

I found something very much like it online by googling many, many different keywords:

The one above is made from Juicy Couture and doesn't look as elegant as the one I saw. And I bet JC probably just copied / was inspired by an indie designer.

I've tried googling lots of things, but 'engagement rings' and 'diamond rings' bring up lots of results, none of which are what I am looking for. But I have no other way to describe it.

So if anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know.

Thank you!!
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$140 @ Amazon (Here it is again, more expensive, but different quality of the picture)
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here's one in acrylic, and one in brass and one in sterling silver.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help!

But the one I saw didn't have any diamonds on it, and it is about 1 cm square, very small and delicate.
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Etsy's always the go-to place for handmade stuff. Designers there have this, this, this , this, this, and this.
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similar to this at all?

it also comes in acrylic:

(yes, these are rings, but I would assume you could put them on a chain or cord to wear as a necklace)
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Best answer: Carrie Weston
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Response by poster: Hi Swisstine! That is IT! Thank you so much!!!
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Yay! I'm glad I got it right! I have the tulip ring, and I love it!
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