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I really love this mashup of Lady GaGa and Behemoth. Does anyone know of music like it (I really like the pop/death metal mix - it makes me smile)? I've listened to the other videos by the same uploader but I'd like more :)
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Gravespit covers REM's Losing My Religion

Not a mash-up but in terms of serious pop and deadly metal finding their point of synergy, I've never heard anything that tops this.
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Sorry, that's GraveWorm.

Gravespit's a nice feel good song by Blurt that I can't seem to shake from my consciousness.
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A friend started a moderately successful death metal band a while back, and does crossover stuff occasionally — not mashups though. I came up with the name way back when, and you can find Satans Penguins on the MySpace.

philip-random, that version made my day, thanks!
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Not quite what you were looking for, but I've enjoyed this Joni Mitchell/Soundgarden mashup called Like Woodstock.
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It's more industrial than metal, but you might like some of the tracks on Bootleg is Resistance, which includes Feist vs. NIN, The Cure vs. NIN, and a bunch of other artists (including NIN) vs. NIN.
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Not maybe such a mashup, but it is a barnyard animal. Obligatory Death Metal Rooster link.
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Ikazuchi: I really like the pop/death metal mix - it makes me smile

"The Ghost That Feeds", a mix between Nine Inch Nails' "Hand That Feeds" and Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters." Although NiN isn't death metal, of course.
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Maybe Raggadeath?
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Are you looking for more mashups, or just music in this vein?

Mashup-wise, if you haven't seen it yet, there's Meshugaga/Bleedarazzi which blends Meshuggah's "Bleed" with Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi". Music-wise, Devin Townsend released Addicted this past November. The album sounds like death metal euro pop (I kid you not!) Distortion to 11, wall of sound, heavy beats, growling vocals paired with beautiful clean female vocals (by Anneke van Giersbergen, formerly of The Gathering) but all used in a pop context. It's catchy as all hell and definitely worth checking out.

(01 Addicted!)
(03 Bend it Like Bender!)
(04 Supercrush!)
(09 Numbered!)
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Whoops, didn't realise that the Behemoth mashup was uploaded by the same user as the Meshuggah mashup. Sorry about that. However, the Townsend suggestion still stands!
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Check out Their mash-up of Enter Sandman/Don't Stop Believin' is incredible.
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Twicketface: Their mash-up of Enter Sandman/Don't Stop Believin' is incredible.

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Thanks for the suggestions folks! Mostly what I'm looking for is the pop type female vocals and the death metal instrumentation. It doesn't need to be a mashup, in fact I'd love to find bands doing original music in this vein.

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Hmmm ... sounds like you would enjoy perusing the 'Femme Metal' webzine. It's all about female-fronted metal! The 'Bands' page links to myspace pages with samples.
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Ikazuchi: WCityMike: THAT IS AWESOME!

Actually, that's Twicketface's suggestion; I just scared up a YouTube for you. First time I saw it, too.
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