Getting Married Near Staten Island
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NNJ/Staten Island: I recently got engaged and my fiancee and I would like to book a hall for our wedding reception. We're planning on May/June 2006 and need space for 200-300 people. She lives in Staten Island (surrounding areas OK). Any suggestions?
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Sheraton Meadowlands?
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I highly recommend the Kvetch message boards over at for questions like this. They're full of great venue information.
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Wow, sounds exactly like my cousin who got married three years ago! I was a bridesmaid at her wedding, which was held at the PNC Arts Center. She had about 250 people there and it worked out wonderfully!
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Response by poster: Any idea of costs for these places? Or is that heavily variable?
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Indiebride seconded. Also, the message boards on are very useful for these sorts of questions. Alas, I don't have any actual advice.
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Sister got married 20 years ago on a charter boat as it circled Manhattan. She had about 200 guests. It was a lot of fun and not ridiculously expensive. Almost no one puked. The boat left from docks on the west side, 23 St maybe.
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Here's a link to the boat I think she chartered: Skyline Princess.
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