Sponsor letter for Catholic nomads in Cleveland
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Does anyone know of any Catholic priests or parishes in the Cleveland area that will issue a godparent sponsor letter quickly?

Friends have asked us to be godparents to their daughter. Yay! Problem: We haven't been registered at a Catholic parish in almost 10 years. We do attend services, but never consistently at one parish, and we haven't filled envelopes with donations to prove our attendance. Once we were asked, we did register at the parish where she'll be baptized, but they would like us to attend regularly for a year before we'd be consider qualified. Our former parish cannot help us.

Our friends choosing us have far more to do with our being good people than being good Catholics and we would hate to have to decline.
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I went to St. Cecilia's in Cleveland, which tends to be a very liberal parish. You could tell Father Dan that you were referred by the Dworkin family; he's a great guy and I bet he'd make an effort to help.
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Are both of you to be godparents? My understanding that in Catholic families, one godparent has to be a Catholic but the other just needs to be Christian. Not sure if this helps, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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I second calling Fr. Dan.
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Another option to try a university church. Often a college church isn't a geographic parish which can make it a bit more flexible in who it considers its membership.
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