Epic Bleep Bloop Lo-Fi Casio Dance Music?
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I absolutely heart Mark Mothersbaugh's "Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op" from the Life Aqautic Soundtrack. Does anybody make music like this?

Epic Bleep Bloop Lo-Fi Casio Dance Music?
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It's not as lo-fi or sparse, but Solvent does something similar. His new record is great.

You would do well to review the whole catalog of Suction Records, which is run by the guy who is Solvent.
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Oh, BTW, that "new record" link has MP3 samples.
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I really like Mark Mothersbaugh's tracks on the Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums soundtracks, so check those out, too.
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Wow, xmutex- I usually _hate_ that kind of thing, but Solvent is awesome! Thanks.
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You might also like Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Tree Wave, and E*Vax. MP3 samples are available at each site linked here.
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Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - !!!!!!
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8-bit peoples

Commie 64, now Twilight Electric.

The genre is called 8-bit - In reference to old 8-bit console home video game systems - and has been going strong for 4-5 years now. I love nullsleep and commie64, and others.
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You might enjoy Knodel (scroll down to the bottom, NB: not the same as Die Knodel, who are real Europeans and not time travellers "from future France" i.e. Oregon prior to the Louisiana Purchase) and The Moog Cookbook (30- second samples) as well.
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This is awesome, I just finally saw The Life Aquatic this past weekend and knew I had to get that track.

You might also like Yippie off of Niun Niggung by Mouse on Mars.

I need a Lightning Strike ringtone.
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I like Mark VII.
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Polysics, who love Mothersbaugh like nothin' else.
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This may be screamingly obvious, but in case everybody doesn't know, Mothersbaugh was one of the primary talents behind Devo.

He has a way cool site with more of this kind of music at www.mutato.com.
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If you like those Solvent samples you might also like another Suction artist, The Mitgang Audio. Lovely mix between late 80's synthpop and the bleepy bloopy stuff here. Also, that Tree Wave stuff is great!
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loquacious, I always thought they were called "chip tunes" because they were FM synthesized though... a sound chip. :)
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I'm overjoyed to see someone else single out the Ping Island track. I'll be all over these recommendations.

The closest I have found is Myrakaru's album Tammetoru, a low-key little instrumental electronica masterpiece, dreamy, light, gentle and cute without being twee. I assumed it was Japanese, because of the name and the philosophical quiet of the album, until an Estonion SoulSeeker pointed out that Myrakaru is an Estonian duo and that their nation produces lots of good electronic music. "Tammetoru", incidentally, means "acorn" in Estonian.

You might also like Junior Boys -- the sound is right, but it's a bit spineless overall, in my opinion. There's no punch to their beats.

By the way, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone isn't just Casio bleep music, it's lo-fi bedroom Casio bleep music with lots of background static. I never found it too appealing, myself.

And Mouse on Mars' Yippie is a great song. Great album, too.
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The Postal Service, Air, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Soviet, I Am the World Trade Center, Mates of State, The Faint, Bloc Party, !!! (chkchkchk), Peaches.

Some of those might fade out of what you're looking for, but they're good nonetheless.
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There's also Fischerspooner.

And for a fun, scary, mind-bending experience, try The Moog Cookbook.

Katemonkey, how does Japanese noise rock relate to minimalistic casio pop?
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you might enjoy Stereo Total...
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You might also want to check out The 8-Bit Construction Set. Very cool. [via /.]
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