What are your favorite albums from the 70s or 80s that feature synthesizers or electric combo organs?
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What are your favorite albums from the 70s or 80s that feature synthesizers or electric combo organs (think Farfisa or Vox)?
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A little early, but Beach Boys Smiley Smile (1967), which included Good Vibrations.
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I have way too many answers for this one as is. Is there a particular application of the organ/synthesizer sound which has triggered your interest? A certain song? A certain player?
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Plan 9's Dealing With The Dead, 1984. Obscure but, errr, findable in the usual ways.
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Beagle, I don't think the Beach Boys used synths. Philip, I'm just looking for some new music. I lean mostly towards post punk and new wave that's heavy on the synth. Nothing in particular triggered my interest but I have been listening to Flock of Seagulls today.
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DEVO - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO!

Well, it has synths, and some organ.
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Also, pretty much every Elvis Costello album from the 70s and 80s.
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Argy Bargy by Squeeze
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Suicide / Half Alive

get it, you won't regret it.
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Any 'Blondie' album features the awesome Farfisa stylings of Jimmy Destri. My favorite is the pre-megafame 'Plastic Letters.'
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I can assure you that all of these feature a prominent keyboard sound (at least some of the time) and are more rewarding than Flock of Seagulls.

SIMPLE MINDS - real to real cacophony, empires and dance, sons and fascination
MAGAZINE - secondhand daylight, correct use of soap
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK - Organization, Architecture + Morality
B-52S - The B52s
KRAFTWERK - Trans-Europe Express, Man Machine, Computer World
THE THE - Soul Mining
STRANGLERS - Rattus Norvegicus, No More Heroes, Black and White, The Raven
WALL OF VOODOO - dark continent, call of the west

Have fun. Go for a weird haircut.
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Well, a pretty broad request to be sure, but I'll throw a few out there that might fit the bill:

Roxy Music's second album, For Your Pleasure, features some prime Eno noodling (not sure if it really counts as synthesizer, but what the hey):
The Bogus Man
In Every Dream Home a Heartache

Magazine Real Life: The Light Pours Out Of Me, Shot By Both Sides

I loved Pictures at an Exhibition as a kid, Emerson Lake & Palmer's electro-interpretation of the Mussorgsky suite, that's got some synths for sure:
The Curse Of Baba Yaga

...which would lead you, maybe, to Brain Salad Surgery: Karn Evil 9, or perhaps to Tarkus

And of course the usual suspects:
Kraftwerk Autobahn
Tangerine Dream Love on a Real Train, The Dream Is Always The Same, from the Risky Business soundtrack.
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Felt's Poem of the River/Forever Breathes the Lonely Word rises above the mopey, introverted lyrics almost entirely through Martin Duffy's Hammond organ playing. It's some of their best music. Example: Gather Up Your Wings and Fly; Grey Streets
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Yes, Soul Mining has heavy but wonderful synth in it.
New Order
Early Talk Talk though they're kind of poppy, like Naked Eyes or China Crisis.
Gary Numan is pretty good, or how about Missing Persons?
Maybe the Cocteau Twins?

I'm stopping, because I have ADD and you're reminding me I need to find "After the Snow".
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Check out New Musik. All three of their records qualify as genuine lost synth-pop gems.
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Late 70s: In Through the Out Door and Going for the One
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Shriekback - Oil and Gold

Early XTC - Drums and Wires, Go 2, White Music
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Beagle, I don't think the Beach Boys used synths.

I think he was talking about the organ you mentioned in your post. But, the Beach Boys DID use syths in the 70s, most notably on The Beach Boys Love You. Sounds bizarre, but it's a really great record. Check out Good Time.
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