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[Boston filter] We're thinking of going bowling tonight. Where?

Details: Babysitter is coming at 6:15. We would like a place that is T-accessible. We are in the Allston area within an easy walk of the B and C lines and several bus routes. We would like a place that serves adult beverages. We would like a place that has better quality food than "bowling alley" pizza, though if this isn't possible, we'll go somewhere else for dinner beforehand. We are fine with ten pin, candle pin, and duck pin options. We would also prefer somewhere that isn't going to play music at volumes that will blow out our eardrums.

I have been to Milky Way once and it was a few years ago. I guess it has since moved? Or isn't as good? But that is my only experience with Boston bowling! Please advise!
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I don't think the new Milky Way location has bowling, unfortunately. Lames & Games has both candlepin and ten pin, and has cheap-ish drinks but just average pub fare for food. They're about a ten minute walk from Alewife. Boston Bowl runs a shuttle to and from the JFK/UMass stop on the Red Line, and they have an on premises brewpub now! The also have both candlepin and ten pin.

The wait for ten-pin at Lanes and Games was hours long the last time I went. Not sure about Boston Bowl.
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Oh yeah, there is also Lucky Strike, which is on the Green Line, but I think their music is too loud, and their drinks are terrible. King's is also on the Green Line and is right next to Bukowski's where there is better drinkin'.
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I really like Lanes and Games. Yeah, their food isn't great, but my experience was that there was no wait for lanes at all. We went on a weekday night, not a Friday night, though.

There's also Sacco's Bowl Heaven which I've never been to but my friends swear by. It's just outside of Davis Square so it's a) easily T accessible and b) right by some nice restaurants if you want to catch dinner first.
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Jillian's is nice--fancy, and yet also schmancy. Kings is VERY LOUD.
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Sacco's is great, but I don't think you can drink there. Combine it with a trip Redbones first and The Burren afterwards, and you are looking at a very nice evening.
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Sacco's Bowl Haven is very old-school - candlepin bowling, score your own by hand. I don't remember anything about music from the last time I was there, so it wasn't egregiously bad at least. It's small, and I don't know how busy it's likely to be. Also, there's no food or drinks to be had in the alley (except vending machine snacks). But it's in Davis Square in Somerville, and there are plenty of good dining options nearby. And this is sort of obnoxious to read, due to lack of paragraph breaks, but it seems to do a pretty good job of covering the adult beverage establishments in the area.
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Sacco's is now supposed to have a Flatbread restaurant. I haven't been since then. But Sacco's is really cool anyway, and there's tons of places to eat in Davis.
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Kings Lanes is pricey, but has a good bar and i decent atmosphere.
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Sacco's is currently open and functional, but they're working on the Flatbread pizzeria. Last I heard, they were shooting for a Mother's Day opening. Not all the lanes at Sacco's are open, though, due to the construction of said Flatbread Pizzeria. That said, Sacco's is amazing.

Said Flatbread Pizzeria is also going to completely ruin my life and make me gain four thousand pounds as I live right across the street. It'll be awful. Awful tasty.
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I liked my trip to King's. The food's decent as well.
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Lanes and Games will be mobbed on a Friday night, but if you haven't been it is so worth it - the walls are carpeted! It's got a super retro feel. I'm also biased, because it's in my neck of the woods. Red line to Alewife, then a short walk.
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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

Lanes and Games and Sacco's were a little further than we were up for traveling. Sacco's in particular sounds just like our type of place, so maybe we'll give it a go the next time. King's also sounds really cool, but neither of us was smart enough to check the address again before we left.

We headed over to Jillian's after having dinner but learned they had a $25 gate charge. To that we said, "Hell to the N to the O!" Seriously. $25 to get in and then to spend even more money on drinks and the lanes and the shoes? Not happening. And by that point we were kinda put off to the bowling idea. We took a look at Lucky Strike, but it seemed busy, so we just went out for drinks instead.

Oh, well. Maybe we'll bowl next time. Still had a good time, and really looking forward to trying out Sacco's in the future!
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