Help me find travel speakers that are acutally enjoyable to listen to.
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Looking for a set of travel speakers that actually sound good and are a pleasure to listen to. Are there any out there?

I'm looking for a set of travel speakers that actually sounds good and can get loud enough to hear well in a hotel room. I'm not trying to blow away the neighbors, but I like listening to my tunes with decent volume.

I've tried two different types (JLAB's B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker and Altec Lansing's ORBIT USB Speaker) already. Neither one is much better than the thin, tinny sounding speakers on my laptop.

Portability is great, but I'm willing to sacrifice it to some degree in order to get a better quality sound. Of course, I'm not looking for Audiophile quality, but it's gotta sound better than the speaker on an old 19" TV.

Bonus points if the speakers only require the USB cord. I'd prefer not to have to carry/use *another* power cable. However, carrying an extra cord or two is an easy price to pay for quality sound.
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I have an Altec Lansing inMotion im600, which is a generation or two behind what you can buy today, and it works fine. It has a built in rechargable battery that lasts around 4 hours at the moderate listening volumes I run it at. I recharge it once a week and that takes only an hour or so. Nice full sound. It's compact, not heavy but not really light either. Bought off eBay.
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You want the Logitech V20's.
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Headed to Target to check out the Altec Lansing (They don't have the Logitech's anywhere close to me, but will revisit that after checking out the ALs if necessary.)
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After trying out several in the store, I ended up with the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 from Logitech.

They have a powercord, but they were easily the best sounding speakers designed for portability. The cord is designed quite well. It has prongs on the plug to wrap around and then fits in the slot for the iPod when traveling.

Very pleased with the first impression.
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