NYC Vet Recommendations? (East Williamsburg/L Line-accessible)
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NYCFilter: I don't like my veterinarian. I'd like to switch. Does anyone have any recommendations for vets in the city? I'm in East Williamsburg, and would prefer if said vets could be accessable via the L line.
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Before my cat & I moved west we went to St. Marks Vets in the East Village, which is about a five-block walk from the First Avenue L stop. They were friendly and very competent, though my cat never had any severe illnesses (except for the time she ate a long piece of twine I was using to tie up recycling, and I took her to Bobst Hospital instead; she was fine).
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I've had very good experiences with Northside Veterinary Clinic, (718) 387-0541. It's at 233 Berry St. (cross street: Metropolitan, I think), which is a ten-minute walk from the Bedford L. It's a husband and wife, both of whom are extremely kind and more holistic in their approach than any other vet I've been to.
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Yeah, we go to St. Marks Vets too. They sent a lovely handwritten condolence card after they put my cat down, which was sweet, though I would have preferred a 10% discount. Heh.
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I'll second the Northside Vet folks. Both husband and wife are very competent with traditional vet care as well as not-so-traditional (acupuncture among other things.) And as an added plus, the not-so-traditional stuff is low on the new agey fruity scale.

They both take the time to carefully explain any problems your animal might have, including all of your options. They've always been reasonable about the bill, at least for city vets.

I'll also mention that I've only brought cats there, so I can't vouch for other animals
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We just took our cats to the vet office associated with BARC in Williamsburg. The first visit was pretty good, but it's hard to give a full recommendation without more visits under our belt. We were referred there from someone else in the hood who likes them. One thing we found out is that they are not a full service vet operation though.

Dr. Felton's veterinary office is connected to the BARC Shelter and BQE Pet Supply. Her address is 80 North 1st Street off Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Individual appointments for your pet can be scheduled by calling her office at 718-388-1172.
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Or if you don't feel like getting on the train in the first place, call Dr. Gruden -- she makes housecalls for not much more than a trip to the vet. She'll go anywhere in Brooklyn, she's based in your hood (I used to live by the Montrose stop).

Fifty bucks for the visit, plus charges for whatever she does. 212-714-6026. Email me at my username at gmail if you use her -- it'll get my 25 bucks off my kitty's next visit. (Not that I'm referring her for this reason -- she's genuinely a lovely vet.)
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I can say I DON'T recommend the Grand Animal Clinic at Grand and Union (I think). It's really sketchy and grimey, and they only take cash. It's got a real 3rd World feel to it, and the doctor kept referring to my cat as an "it". If money is your only concern, then this is your place, otherwise, avoid it.
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You could also try asking at New York City on Craig's List.
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Dr. Jim Corrao at VIP Veterinary in the West Village. He's at the intersection of Christopher St and Waverly Place, which is easily walkable from 6th Ave/14th St L stop.

Jim is a smart, compassionate man who really loves animals. He has kept our rather elderly Chow Chows (he has taken care of them since early puppyhood) and irascible young tomcat in tip-top shape.

We've recommended him to many other pet owners and have yet to receive anything but very positive feedback.

Contact info:
V I P Veterinary
(212) 691-9270
33 Christopher St
New York, NY 10014

E-mail me if you have questions.
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