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Can you recommend a website that is useful for storing oral history recordings?

I've got a bunch of audio files of the oral history interviews I did with my grandparents. I've backed them up on my HD and made CD copies, but am looking for a reliable place on the web to host the files. Is archive.org the way to go? Ideally I'd love to be able to control the privacy and be able to invite other family members to listen/download the files. Free is always appreciated but I'd consider throwing down cash if the features were snazzy enough.
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You could try the Oral History Association. It's for academics, but there is a listserv and perhaps some of their members might be able to help.
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You could contact these people--I think they are building an online 'bank' of oral history recordings. Otherwise, you could try contacting your local museum, by which I mean your local museum whose subject is your locality (state, city...) rather than whatever museum happens to be nearest to you. Quite a lot of museums have oral history programmes and the capacity to archive material; they should also be sympathetic to your privacy preferences, up to a point, though you might find you have to agree to make the material available to researchers after a certain (possibly considerable) time has elapsed.
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Ah yes: here's the bit of the site that's most likely to interest you.

Incidentally, poissonrouge's suggestion of contacting the OHA is a good one, too.
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