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Hello, please help me find cool and fun videos that I can use on my iPhone to inspire conversation in my Korean children's speaking and conversation class. My children are between 8 and 14. I run fun classes that encourage them to speak as much as possible. I'm looking for videos that can compliament my class giving us something to talk about.

I've used my various videos already. Sometimes I get the children to watch a video and then make their own story in a simlar setting or ask them their opinions. I'm lookng for anything fun to keep them focused and to open the shy ones up.
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Do you not have a computer in your classroom?
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Best answer: Christian the Lion! There's English writing in the video (not sure if they are speakers), but they don't need it to get the experience.
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Is the iPhone a necessary component here? Do you not have a TV or at least a computer in the classroom? I would imagine a bunch of students trying to watch a tiny screen would be more trouble than it's worth.
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Response by poster: Yeah no computer, but there are no more than six children per class. I try to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible and refuse to have larger class sizes. In the future I will bring in my laptop so I'd be happy to have any suggestions.
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Best answer: Any of the funny animal videos would work probably work.
Here are a couple:
Cat on Head
Car Commercial
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Best answer: There's all the Pixar shorts:
For the birds
Are some favorites that probably have pretty universal appeal.
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