Ipod battery gas woes...
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I punctured the sealed bag encasing my Ipod replacement battery and I can smell a sweet gas. Nice right?

I bought a new Ipod battery off the internet and replaced it about a month ago. I noticed recently that the cover on my ipod was popping off so I opened it back up and the new battery seemed to have expanded and filled with air. Being the "can-do" person I am I removed the battery from the Ipod and took my exact-o knife and gently punctured the bag surrounding the battery. When the gas escaped I could smell a sweet odor.

What was that gas? What triggered it to expand? Is it safe to put it back into my Ipod?

I am fairly positive that when I got this new battery it wasnt filled with air; I still have my old Ipod battery and it isnt suffering from the same issue.

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seems to be a problem with the battery itself. google "ipod battery swell" and go from there.

WRT what the sweet gas smell was, i have no idea but whatever it is it's a portent of doom.
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What iPod model are we talking here? In general, batteries shouldn't inflate. Ever.
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Response by poster: Hydrogen Fluoride is odorless I thought.
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I asked a question about soft, squishy iPod batteries.

I don't remember if mine felt like it was inflated with air, or inflated with something more substantial (I didn't try to deflate it), but I didn't have a problem getting a replacement battery from the company I bought it from. Personally, I'd contact the company you bought it from and ask for a new one.
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IANAChemist, but hydrogen fluoride is one nasty piece of work. If it's in there it's probably eating up various plastic and metal parts, the sweet smelling gas would be the reaction products.
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Response by poster: Follow up,

I emailed the company I bought the battery from and they sent me a new one. I'm keeping a closer watch on the battery this time around, but everything is going well so far.
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