Cape May in the cold and rain?
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We're visiting Cape May, NJ this weekend with 6 and 8 year old kids. We've been there before, but the weather isn't looking great. Any recommendations for activities or restaurants we might not know about?

I've looked at a few earlier threads, but the rainy weather and the kids seem to set us on a bit of a different path.

We're staying at Congress Hall, where we've stayed numerous times before during the colder off season. We know what to expect of most the the restaurants and shops in the immediate, walking neighborhood and we've dealt with wind and chill in the past, but the rain might force us to adjust. Besides, we're always looking for something new.

Do you have any recommendations of inside things to do in or around Cape May? Maybe one of the little shore type movie theaters stay open in the off season? Maybe a hotel with an indoor pool that does day passes? Maybe there's a bigger indoor amusement place or shopping toward Wildwood? Heck, batting cages, bowling even? We've done the zoo in freezing temps but trudging with wet shoes doesn't sound as fun.

Any kid friendly restaurants we might have missed that would be open? In the past, with and without kids, we've tried the Ebbitt Room, 410 Bank (awesome), Mad Batter, Pilot House, Blue Pig, Lobster House, etc but we'd love to find someplace new even if it means a little drive. I thought I read about a small Mexican place out of town a bit last summer in a shore magazine but I can't track it down at the moment.

Our main concern is for the kids to have a fun time. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
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The movie theater across the street from the beach in Cape May is closed for the season. You can see movies at the multiplex in nearby Rio Grande. It's about 10-15 minutes away.

You can always take the ferry to Lewes. Go to the outlet malls.

When I'm in Cape May, I always like to have breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House. There's a number of them strewn about. Very tasty. Good prices.

The Wildwood boardwalk should have a few arcades open this time of year as some are operated year-round. It'll be a good excuse to get some pizza from Sam's Pizza Palace.
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Yeah, there are some indoor skee-ball type arcades in Wildwood. I've been there in the off season (and they were open), but it was several years ago.
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As far as I know, there is no bowling alley in Cape May, but this place in Wildwood is definitely open all year. Also, it looks like the Cape May lighthouse is open. Climbing all those stairs will warm you up and tire the kids out! Here is a good resource for some other tours this weekend - maybe the kids would enjoy cruising around town on a trolley?
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the gateway 26 arcade at 26th st. and the boardwalk in Wildwood is open. Its close to Sams pizza on the boardwalk, which is also open. The Wildwoods convention center on the boardwalk has a cheerleading competition this week.

The Lewes ferry is cool. Atlantic City is a nice day-trip at 50 minutes away. If you go there, check out the Ripley's museum on the boardwalk. Teh 8 year old would probably like it.

If the rain holds off, you should fly a kite. You should also go watch the sunset at diamond beach and look for Cape May diamonds.
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Oh, theres a Sonic in Rio Grande (right outside of Wildwood) too!
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2nding diamonds. When I was 8 and went to Cape May, this was my single favorite activity of the year.
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Response by poster: I've added the Cape May diamonds to the list of things I'd like to do if the weather cooperates. I wasn't aware of that custom. My daughter collects everything on the beach anyway, this will give her a more concrete objective. Could be fun!

I've bookmarked the movie theater in Rio Grande, along with the Arcade and the bowling alley. I'll look into the ghost tour on the Trolley; if it's getting darker that might spook the kids a bit (in a good way).

I'll probably save Lewes and AC for another trip when we have more though.

Thanks so far...
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