Sports massage in the DC area?
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Sports massage in the DC area?

Hi Hive,

Can anyone recommend a good place to get a sports massage/deep tissue work done? I'm not looking for a ritzy affair with pampering and spa treatments and the like... just somewhere to get a deep, aggressive massage to iron out muscular kinks I've accumulated over years of Crossfiting and playing other sports.

I've checked out Yelp and didn't find the reviews too useful.

Bonus points if it's under $100.

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James Graffenberg in Rockville is head-and-shoulders better than anyone else I've gone to.
posted by callmejay at 9:58 AM on March 9, 2010

Lunar Massage is fantastic and super-cheap. (Full disclosure: I know the owner a little socially.) It's totally no frills, casual, and the therapists get rave reviews from athletes.
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