Inexpensive Photo Studio Rental in NYC?
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[NYC Filter] Great Photo Studio Rental for ~ $400/day in Manhattan?

I have to rent a studio for two days in New York for a big photo shoot with about ten models at the end of the month. I have an awesome photographer but neither of us live in New York so thought I'd ask the hive mind!

My budget is preferably under $400/day but am slightly flexible. Already have a good location penciled in but would like something closer to the Upper West Side, where a lot of the models will be coming from.

Needs - space for these models to wait, a good bathroom, space for them to change, lots of plain white (all pictures will be on plain white, and though we will use paper it's so much easier when it is in a white space), lights.

Wants - wi-fi, a fridge, easy train access, gear included, 24-hour access (I will probably end up sleeping there the night between).

Wishful - on to the Upper West Side

Any suggestions? TIA!
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I have shot at Fairway Studios. They only have two lights which could use some love, but it should suit. The bathroom is down the hall so you might have to set up some go-bos for the models to change behind. You can also check the forums on ModelMayhem (where the Model Colloquy is Hosted by Jessalyn).
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Craigslist is actually a halfway decent source for studio rentals.

I also have a slightly stale list of cheap nyc rental studios on delicious, though mostly targeted at still life amenities.
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thanks - model mayhem rocks, once you filter through the crazy!
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