Please help me find these laceless light-weight running shoes or a pair like them.
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Please help me find these laceless light-weight running shoes or a pair like them.

I used to own a pair about 5 years ago, but can't find them or anything like them in stores. They were: laceless and elastic; very light-weight; black with red highlights; very similar to these, but without spikes and probably not Nike.

That Nike shoe is the closest I've found online, and I might have bought a pair by now if it weren't for the spikes, which I don't need and would prefer not to have for the sake of added flexibility and feel. I want to run long distance with them (both grass and concrete), and despite what my coach told me about supporting the foot, I definitely felt and performed better at cross country when wearing those really thin shoes and feeling the texture of whatever surface I was running on. Their function was just to protect the feet from sharp objects, and not much else. (I accept responsibility for any chronic injuries I might incur from my choice of shoe!)

I'd also appreciate any tips on where to source the shoe in Sydney.
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My brother loves his Nike Prestos.
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Not quite the same kind of thing, but in the spirit of feeling as if you're running barefoot, there's the Vibram Five Finger shoes, available in Australia.
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Informative review of the Vibram Five Fingers.
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Best answer: laces: don't choose shoes based on whether they have laces. any decent running store can sell you a cheap but excellent product to replace laces with. my favorite example is yanks. they work great. here are more alternatives.

nike: I don't know if you're attempting to become a serious runner but if you are, be aware that their shoes never last very long. I loved the lunar racer for about a month and then it was just done and that's just one example.

running shoes in general should be fitted. ask your running coach or personal trainer for a recommendation on where to go and get yourself evaluated for running style on a treadmill.

light shoes: you are right, you are faster/better in them. the downside is they will kill your feet if you wear them for more than the occasional training run and race. that's why they are considered racing shoes. if you're doing mileage, you need the padding of a training shoe. I am not talking about chronic injuries here but of stuff that will hit you really much sooner than you think. others may elaborate, I just strongly recommend you check out the runnersworld forum as well before choosing such a pair for training.
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+1 on the Vibrams - they are great if you want a lightweight feel that keeps you 'in touch' with the ground. I've been wearing them since October of last year, and they are awesome as long as you give your calves, feet, and ankles time to adjust and adapt.

There are people who do marathons and ultras marathongs in Vibrams (or barefoot), so don't believe the hype that you need an inch of padding and $100+ shoes do serious mileage.
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Response by poster: I saw a man at the bakery the other day wearing a pair of Vibrams and thought they looked freakish, but I'll have to reconsider! Thanks everyone for the recommendations.
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It's true, they look freakish. I get laughed at openly when I run in them sometimes. They're awesome, though. Totally worth the minor humiliation.

My favorite so far. Two girls waking:
1: What's he wearing?
2: What?
1: There!
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I've been getting more questions lately in my VFF's, but as they get popular and more folks read _Born to Run_ I've gotten a lot more "I've wanted to try those - where did you get them?" and less "Those look really weird!".
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Feelmax shoes are similar, in what they do for your feet, to VFFs. Except they look like normal shoes. Terra Planna also has the Vivo Barefoot line which is very good, but expensive
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Response by poster: In case anyone is still reading the thread:

Pretty comprehensive reviews of a range of light weight shoes from a barefoot running website.

And an even more comprehensive review of the VFFs by Tim Ferriss.
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