Where can I donate my extra, used Bibles?
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Where can I donate my extra, used Bibles?

I have six extra Bibles, new and used, ranging from a hardback NIV to a KJV study Bible that I'd like to donate to those who cannot get a Bible easily like I can.

First, since I'm located in the SF Bay Area, any fellow NorCalers know of any organizations that need/accept used Bibles?

If not, I'm willing to pay the cost of shipping them to any US-based Christian organization that can send them overseas, perhaps to somewhere like Haiti.
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Maybe a local shelter? I love the idea of sending them off as well. Good luck, and praise God for your desire to spread the word!

(Funny...at my church group last night we were talking about what you do with your Bible when you get a new one!)
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There are very few people wanting for bibles who would like them. Donate them to any organization that accepts used books. Bibles are just like any other used book except that they're more common than any other title.
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I'm not positive that World Vision would accept something like this for in-field distribution, as our Gifts In Kind program typically works with corporations on stocks of much higher volume, and I'm also not sure if we have any programs that do distribute Bibles, but you can find out a bit more about ways to give - here.

We do work in Haiti - we were one of the biggest organizations there before the earthquake and are driving one of the biggest NGO responses there as well.
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Book Destruction will recycle any old books and reuse the paper in new books.
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What Mayor Curley said is true for the U.S. but not for most other countries, especially Africa, Asia, and South America. The average third-world pastor owns zero Bibles. Send them to Christian Resources International who specialize in redistributing used Bibles.
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The Salvation Army accepts new and used Bibles and hands them out free to people (usually going through a rough time) who request them.
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