The [WHATS] of society?
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Is there an opposite expression for "the ills of society"?

I'm looking for the opposite of the expression "the ills of society." There are plenty of instances of thihis expression in common usage, but I want a similar phrase that expresses the opposite; that is, how does one say the [bad things] about society but also the [good things].
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The ills of society are its bad things.

The good things of society would be its benefits: the benefits of society.

Or perhaps I'm not understanding the question.
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brotherhood of man? little on the chauvinistic side but it kinda gets at what you are saying I think.
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Best answer: The boon of/to civilization?
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Response by poster: Thought of benefits, was looking for maybe something stronger. dfriedman, you are understanding the question correctly-- I'm asking this for a friend and we can't seem to find anything better. Thought we would question the hive mind.
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I'm not sure there's a correct answer to this question, but how about "the virtues of society", "the triumphs of society", or "the victories of progress"?
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The good that is in us all.
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Response by poster: "Dylan" and I thank you-- "boon" seems to fit what we were looking for, but I (we) are looking forward to what else y'all might come up with.
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Unfortunately I don't think the word you want exists.

"Ill" in this case is short-hand for "illness" or "disease." The phrase usually talks about "the ills of society" and its "cures" or "the panacea for the ills of society." And there's not really an antonym to "disease" that I can think of.

"Ill" is also used to mean "bad," "badly," or "unwell." For example: Elizabeth Bennett plays the piano very ill, ie, very badly. Or "ill-informed" = "badly-informed." Or "ill" as an adjective to mean "unwell," ie, "sick." With this meaning, the only antonym would be "the goods of society," which sounds silly.
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The fruits of collective action?
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There are many such words. Which one you choose depends on tone, ideology, and emphasis.











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The ideal word would be something that relates to ills (like a word meaning good health), but I can't think of something like that that would fit.

How about:

Or you could replace "ills":
Society's blights and blessings
Society's pitfalls and rewards
Society's drawbacks and delights
Society's vices and virtues
Society's failures and successes
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life's rich pageant?
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Not quite exactly right but conveys the sense of what you're looking for, I think:
summum bonum
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March of progress?
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