I'm looking for quality baseball podcasts.
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I'm looking for quality baseball podcasts.

Now that ESPN's Baseball Today podcast is dead to me, I'm trying to find something else to fill the void. A good podcast will have these qualities:

• New content uploaded regularly - at least weekly.
• Coverage of this MLB season
• About the entirety of MLB goings on, not just coverage of one team - I already listen to a really good Cubs podcast
• Not a general sports podcast, but one specifically covering MLB by people who love baseball

A salient example from another sport is the Puck Podcast, which meets all of the above requirements, just for hockey and the NHL instead of baseball and MLB.

Bonus points awarded for good fantasy baseball coverage (and an all fantasy baseball podcast that's not from ESPN would be great too).
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If you're willing to tolerate some iffy production values and thick accents, I recommend the Fantasy Baseball Roundtable on Blog Talk Radio. Good analysis from varying perspectives. It's on iTunes.
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Best answer: Depends on how sabermetric-y you are, but FanGraphs just started an interesting podcast, if a little awkward- but they are just getting their bearings. Baseball Prospectus Radio is also highly recommended and well executed.
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Was coming in here to say BP Radio!
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Nthing BP Radio - but would be very interested, ursus_comiter, as to the Cubs prodcast you listen to...
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Response by poster: www.cubscast.com
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