Help sourcing a large plastic jar
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Need source for 2.5 to 4 gallon, wide-mouth, air-tight sealing, straight-walled, circular, food-grade plastic jar, in small quantities.

I need some help finding them for a couple of DIY projects.

Something like an olive-pickling jug, but smaller than 5 gallons. No handles or protrusions. I'm able to compromise on the food-grade, and as long as it closes firmly, the air-tight requirements. I've looked at a lot of plastics manufacturers' sites, but haven't found what I need.
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Have you looked at restaurant supply shops?
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Scientific supply companies might have it.
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Check homebrewing supply websites, too. Most homebrewing bucket fermenters are 5 gallon or more, but smaller containers are becoming more popular.
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Response by poster: I have looked at restaurant supply shops, both online and in person. Haven't seen anything of that size. Not a lot of jars larger than 1 gallon.

Generally, buckets don't work, because they have protrusions or don't seal well.

I used to do a lot of homebrewing, and I haven't seen anything like what I need.

I was thinking that they might be used in pickling or curing, but I haven't found many sources for that.
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Pretzel tub?
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Three more options
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You might find a local restaurant that gets its ice cream supplied in 10 litre buckets and would be happy to let you have some for nothing. I occasionally pick up a bunch of them. They come with a press-fit plastic lid that seals pretty well.
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Cambro food containers come in 1, 2, 4, 6. 8, 12, 18, and 22 qt sizes in round and square. If you're in LA you can just pick them up at Surfas Restaurant Supply or you can buy them online at the linked address. It looks like they are also carried at Overstock and a few other online retailers. Note that you will have to buy the lids separately in almost all cases.
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I buy a lot of my plastic containers and spray bottles from US Plastic. The RingLock containers on this page seem to fit your description.
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