bittorrent won't work on Macbook
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Why won't Bittorrent work on my Macbook pro?

My Macbook is partitioned into a Leopard and a Windows partition. Bittorrent only works on the Windows partition. On the Mac side, my Torrent Log tells me only 'Problem connecting to Tracker. Timeout while contacting server.' I don't know why, and I want to be able to use bittorrent on my Mac partition.

* Disclaimer: This is not for illegal usages of bittorrent.
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Sounds like the port is blocked under OS X. Do you have the built-in firewall on? Is the relevant port open? What bittorrent software are you using under OS X?
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I don't know what Torrent app you're using on Mac, I think Azureus works best. But there are many different opinions on the optimal app.

I have generally found that all Mac torrent apps will always fail if you have the firewall turned on. You can even go to great lengths to open those ports through the firewall and it will still fail. Just turn the firewall off. You don't really need it. There are no real threats to MacOS X that will require the use of a firewall, almost all ports are turned off by default and don't respond to pinging. If you feel like you need some sort of substitute security measures for firewalling, get Little Snitch and be sure to put your Torrent app on the exclusion list.
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Transmission always works for me on my Mac and has a fraction of the overhead Azureus has. Like charlie don't surf said, it is probably your Mac OS firewall that is gumming it up.
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Response by poster: I think my torrent app just wasn't good for mac. I downloaded Transmission, and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks all.
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