Inventing another word for "pen"
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I'm looking for a book. It was about a kid who didn't like the prescriptive way his teacher used the dictionary and so he invented another word for pen and the epic battle he had with his 5th? grade teacher about getting his new "slang" recognized as a word.

And then at the end he's reading a letter she wrote to him about the importance of getting his word in the dictionary, or something.

It was fairly short, pretty funny, and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember the title (OR the fake word for pen, as I bet that would lead me straight to the book).

Help me, MeFi! Googling every combination I can think of for this just gets me tons of returns on "pen name" and the ilk.
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Best answer: Frindle!
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Response by poster: Haha, thanks! That was indeed the book I was looking for! Possible contender for the shortest time ever for a booksearch response correct answer, too.
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Yes, Frindle! Fantastic book.
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My fifth grader got is assigned this year. My wife cried as she finished reading it.
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We just listened to that on tape and I was surprised by how great it was.
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