Need housing for 24 college students in NYC for the fall semester.
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Help me help a friend find housing for 24 college students in NYC in Fall 2010.

I'm trying to help out a friend who is the the leader for a small liberal arts college off-campus program. She's looking for temporary housing for 24 college students in New York City for Fall Semester 2010 and/or advice on companies or opportunities or college/university departments that could help her in provide housing for her students. She is not looking for a hostel kind of arrangement and would like to limit recommendations to Manhattan only, but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your help.
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I really think this is a situation where more details would be more helpful to your cause.

What college, what off-campus program, where exactly, why manhattan, etc...

Good luck.
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Well, I agree more details are necessary.

I'd contact the big schools in Manhattan--Columbia and NYU--and ask them if they have room to spare. I doubt they do.

I also hope your friend understands that this is an expensive proposition, and both the school and students ought to understand that.
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The Metro International Housing Guide lists a variety of short and longterm options for single sex and coed living in NYC.
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My (small liberal arts) college used to have a program like that, and students stayed at the school's NY alumni club, which is loosely affiliated with the college but not owned by it. Our program was, as I understand it, much smaller than the one your friend is involved with, but they might be worth contacting. Other schools' alumni clubs and the NYC schools mentioned above would also be good places to start- some people I know who did an off-campus program in NYC during our January term stayed in NYU dorms. Is it necessary for all of the students to live in the same place?
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Would something like International House be a possibility?
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