OSX tool for ID3 fingerprinting?
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Is there a tool for OS X that can find ID3 information for MP3 files based on... I don't know... some kind of file fingerprint? MD5, etc? Have a ton of MP3s that I don't want to go through manually. Thanks!
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Best answer: Well the obvious option is Picard. Unfortunately I have yet to find an application that does a great job of embedding album art, but Picard is pretty good with the other ID3 content -- particularly if the files were ripped appropriately.
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I am not sure if I fully understand your question, but it sounds like dupin may do what you want.

By the way, md5 will not help if you have two different rips of the same track - even one sample that is different will give a completely different md5, without making an audible difference in the file.
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Seconding MusicBrainz Picard, which is a bitch to use, but otherwise exactly what you want.
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I've been struggling with this for years, back since MoodLogic had a fingerprinter. There's no magic bullet. I use TuneUp, Tidy Songs, and MP3Tagger on Windows (sometimes). Also, with any tool, check before accepting the solution.
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I've had good luck with Jaikoz recently. It uses the MusicBrainz system but had a few more features that I was looking for.
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If you find you hate Jaikoz and you have partial tags for your MP3s, you may have good luck with MPFreaker. It's $20 and was well worth it for me. It also does a decent job of finding both art and lyrics for most popular music, although it's not so great with obscure stuff. It uses Discogs for its database.

I have Dupin and it doesn't do what you need (it finds duplicates based on tags and other factors, like file type and size).
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Not necessarily for MD5 work, but just wanted to say that TuneUp is amazing. I have used almost every conceivable artwork/id3 tagger in order to get my 39,442 track library in perfect order and though I did a bulk of the work in Coverscout and just using iTunes tagger, I now use TuneUp exclusively. It fins artwork for virtually everything Ithrow at it, including obscure bootlegs. I t even found artwork for the yoga classes I taped myself just from the teachers name.

I use Jaikoz for tagging blank flac's etc. It is a very powerful tool for sure.

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Does anybody know if there's one that uses the Last.fm database instead of MusicBrainz/Gracenote/whatever? It would be nice if my music library had a 1:1 relationship with that site when I scrobble.
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