Extended summer ski vacation?
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I'd like to take a 3 to 4 month extended ski vacation this June-September. Where should I go and where should I stay? I'd like to be within walking distance of a lift or short regularly-running shuttle, and not have to spend more than $2000-$3000/month on the lodging. Possible?
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New Zealand
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Chile or Argentina
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Are you willing to stay in a hostel for that time, or do you require more luxury and/or privacy?

How adventurous are you when traveling in foreign countries?

I first thought of Bariloche, Argentina. It's an awesome little town with a fairly large ski resort (caveat - I was there in early June 2008, and they didn't yet have snow). Yes, a bit touristy, but there's great scenery, obscene numbers of chocolate shops, and I (a 20-something female) felt utterly safe. You can easily spend less than $1000/month on lodging, and there's a bus from town center to the slopes.

An utterly fantastic place to ski would be Portillo. I paid $84/night for lodging/lift ticket/4 meals a day. The resort is a bit small but I never waited in a lift line. It's actually one of the places that the US men's team trains. The downsides: at that price, you're sharing a closet wth up to 3 other people (there is a nice common lounge that I spent most of my non-skiing time in), and as it's not in a town, you might start to get bored ...

In your shoes, I'd fly with my skis to either Santiago or Buenos Aires and just chase the best snow. The long-distance buses are affordable, comfortable, and safe.

Have fun - I'm jealous!
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