Looking for old BASIC programming book
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Do you remember this old BASIC programming book from the mid-80s?

I was thinking back the other day to my very first attempts at computer programming. I was around 8 years old at the time and my parents bought me an Atari 800XL computer (with 64K memory!).

The computer had an option to go into BASIC programming mode. I got a book that contained instructions on how to program in BASIC, and I'd love to find that book somewhere. Here's what I remember about it: the book's cover was fairly cartoony, and I vaguely recall a plunger being on the cover (could be wrong about that, though). The book itself was fairly humorous. Two lessons stand out in my mind - the first was a lesson on how to make sounds using BASIC (I drove my parents nuts with this). The second was a very long program near the end of the book that had all the code for a turtle/maze type game. I remember trying to type it all in and finally giving up (and begging mom to buy a cassette tape backup, which never happened).

Does anyone remember this book?
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It wasn't an Usborne book, was it? Linked to the cover of the Usborne BASIC book that I remember having, but I know they had a few different ones.
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Oh, here's another one. I have very fond memories of these books, but I may be leading you down the garden path...
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Response by poster: I'll try to find info on the whole series and see if any match my recollection. Thanks!
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That and Creative Computing had cartoon-like covers on some of their books.

64k, woo hoo, now THAT was cooking with gas at the time!

I can still recall the joys of being able to do Apple ][ hi-res graphics once I soldered in sockets for several hundred dollars worth of 48k RAM.

(shakes geezer fist at you kids spoiled with gigs of RAM and quad core CPUs...)
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Seconding the Usborne books, as well.
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Was it this by any chance?

I just got nostalgic for my old TI 99/4a programming book with the airbrushed rocket and apple on the cover.
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Nthing Usborne. I had this one and this one. Fond memories indeed!
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Did anyone else have the BASIC book (I think it was Usborne) that had the secret-agent text adventure at the end for you to type in? I can relate to spending many hours typing before giving up... oh, the memories.
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