Are the Outlook Add-ins 'You Perform' and 'Getting Things Done' worth buying?
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Has anyone checked out the Outlook Add-ins: You Perform or David Allen's Getting Things Done? Are they worth buying?
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I tried "Getting things Done". It was OK, but didn't really help change bad habits that are the core of my horrible time management skills. You can download a 30 day trial version from the GTD website to give it a go.
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I really don't think the GTD plugin is worth the $70 by any means. You can accomplish almost everything it does by just making a few folders and dragging/dropping things to them. Don't know anything about the You Perform plugin.
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I was wondering this as well as I was considering the plug-in as well.

I did do the 43 physical folders, that has helped a lot!
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I did two folders, which I like to call the bicycle system. Instead of 43 folders and a rack or hanging storage or filing cabinet I got two accordion folders. One is labelled Jan - Dec and one is labelled 1 -31. Viola! 43 spots buy only two physical folders. It does help.
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