I'm pretty gangster myself.
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Help me find a place to buy the "I noticed that you're gangster" image as a bumper sticker for my car.

I love the web image macro of the guy from the 1950's trying to be gangsta.

Being a very white and very nerdy guy who bought a black lowered Honda with custom rims and a sub-woofer, I think this sticker is a requirement for the back of my car.

However, I can't find any reputable places that will sell me bumper-sticker quality prints, nor can I find a suitably high resolution picture to print my own somewhere.
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I think Zazzle may be your best starting point. This image is the highest resolution I've been able to find, which might be usable for a sticker.
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This strikes me as a terrible idea and as in poor taste or dangerous depending on the neighborhood you drive through. I live in NYC, you live in CA, YMMV.
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(I know that's not answering your question, but I'll say it anyway out of concern for your safety.)
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I disagree. I think it's a great idea and anyone with a sense of humor would think so also. Humor is a great way to soften the walls that separate us. This sticker doesn't seem to me to be offensive at all. Of course, I'm an old white lady, but still!
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Zazzle's pretty good- CafePress is another option.

CafePress "Design Your Own Bumper Sticker"
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Response by poster: lorrer, I'm interested to know how this is offensive and to whom? to be honest, half the reason I thought of getting this sticker in the first place is because when I got the car, gang members were giving it a lot of attention (e.g. drawing gang symbols in the dust, etc) and I wanted to make sure they didn't feel threatened by putting something very nerdy up to establish that I am a geek and not a drug dealer.

If you think this might backfire, I'd be interested to know why. My backup plan is to put a big black darth vader sticker.
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The joke with the "I'm pretty gangster myself" macro is that around the turn of the century, this was how gangsters looked: clean-cut white guys in suits. Look at Al Capone. In fact, while I have no personal experience with either, I imagine members of the Mafia and the Mafiya still look like that. Consider this scenario:

Al Capone moves into town with a fancy car.
Local gangsters draw their signs on his car.
He slaps on a bumper sticker with a picture of himself claiming to be a gangster.
not profit.

It's not any more plausible than local kindergarteners having some fun with your "gangsta" car, but it's not any less plausible, either. So that's why I agree that this is not the best idea, especially if you already know there are active gangs in your neighborhood (as suggested by the gang signs drawn on your car!).
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