So that I don't keep watching Everybody Loves Raymond for two hours a night.
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We want presents that will keep us entertained.

Okay I've already posted questions about what to register for. I'M STILL STUCK.

We want to put fun things on our registry. We'd like to get things that will serve purposeful in our everyday life and keep us entertained and on a path for further growth as a couple.

We can have fun together doing nothing but... we frequently do... do nothing.

We are both homebodies a lot of the time and are happy to amuse ourselves together and individually. But we don't want this to become a habit out of necessity.

For example: I just put on

You guys and girl with husbands and wives or just significant others might fill your time in a unique way that is unique to you two. Maybe there's something that goes with it that I could benefit knowing about and ask for on our wedding registry.

All answers appreciated hugely!
so that our dinner conversations can remain lively.
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Any musical talent between you two? Making music with someone is amazingly fun. Harmonica plus Uke? Guitar? Good skills to learn.
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XBox 360 and Rock Band! You can rock out back-to-back!

(This might not help your dinner conversations much, though. Unless you like fighting about blown solos and missed opportunities to deploy overdrive)
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A nice ukulele will fill your home with music.
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This would be a time where a banjo would be an appropriate gift....
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Nok hockey.
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Seconding the xbox 360 and rock band. Plenty of other great co-op games out there that I play with my sweetie pretty often, like Puzzle Quest, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty World at War, Lego Indiana Jones, etc.

A good scrabble set.

Cooking things together is nice. We brew beer, if that's your thing. A beer brewing kit would be a kickass wedding present.

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You're going to have to be more specific. My personal feeling is that a wedding registry should be a little meaningful - people paying for stuff should believe that what they're giving you should be memorable as a gift from them and hopefully life or status-enriching.

Which tends to cut out transitory stuff and disposable stuff.

The question you're asking is not what can people give you, but what can you and your SO engage in that will bind you and enrich you. We can't really answer that. We can suggest musical, creative, gardening, home improvement, sporty, travel etc gifts, but you know what rings your bell.

For what it's worth, learning a skill that you can use on an ongoing basis is life enriching. I want to make prints. Mrs MM is into photography and gardening. We both love cooking. We've bought, for various people, travel, "experience" and jewelry making courses before.

But we're not you, and we can't predict what will interest you or not.

Perhaps you can narrow things down to an object or course/experience - and whether you want to develop something you're already keen on or do something new.
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I didn't register for gifts at my wedding, and we got some really beautiful artsy gifts because of that. I suggest that you not register for specific gifts, and instead tell people what you told us, that you want things that will keep you "entertained and on a path for growth as a couple", and trust to your family & friends that they might come up with really neat ideas on their own.
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My future Mr. and I just finished setting up our registry. Some things we added:

A disc golf set
A tent
A portable GPS unit for geocaching
A digital camera and lots of picture frames (with the plan to take pictures while out cache-hunting)
A fancy poker set
Rock Band
A picnic basket

And because sometimes it's fun to be homebodies we also added some DVD sets (like TV shows that only show on HBO so we'd never be able to see them on TV) and matching pajamas and slippers.
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Wii and some great co-op games such as New Super Mario Bros
and Mario Kart Wii. Quality time =c)
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Do you already cook together? How about a cooking class? Learning to make food together and to make it fun is a fantastic skill to have in your marriage.
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1,000+ piece jigsaw puzzles
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Seconding Geocaching! My hubby is a homebody ( I am a bit more outdoorsy), this is our way of going out for walks together having techy integration and a sense of achievement.

Seconding pyjamas (especially from Hush for any UK readers).

Seconding a consol (particularly the Xbox 360 as the games are brilliant).

I also think that if you like watching movies/tv series perhaps a year subscription to a mailed DVD rental service would be a cool gift?
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