Quiet, cheap hostel room or B&B in London or SE UK?
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Can you recommend a quiet, cheap hostel room or B&B in London or SE UK where I can rest for a week and get over jetlag?

I'm flying back to the UK next week and have got horrific jetlag in the past. I'm looking for somewhere to hide and sleep on a backpacker budget.

So looking for a private room that's not noisy with potential for sleeping in the daytime as well as night.

If the surroundings are nice it would be a bonus.

If you can take a couchsurfer and want a bit of cash then let me know as long as it's peaceful.
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Afaik, hostelz.com is the only site that gives contact information for the hostel even if you haven't booked any rooms. So you can email them about their lockout policy.
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You might want to look here if you want. Prices run from about £15 a night.

I don't know what their policy is on kicking you out for the day, though. You'd have to ask.
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Hostels might expect you to share a room and not stay there all day. As it's off season you might get a deal at a hotel or B&B.
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I've stayed at the London House Hotel a few of times and it's fairly inexpensive (or at least it used to be, but it's been three years since I last stayed there - almost to the day!), mostly (albeit, not always infallibly) quiet, and located in a good neighbourhood (Kensington Market) with good pubs and restaurants nearby. It's also pretty easy to get to via the Heathrow Express + Tube (Express to Liverpool, tube to Bayswater Station).
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Sorry, I also meant to post that you can get single rooms, sometimes with a shower/bathroom inside, and they don't care how long you stay there. It's called a hotel, but it's actually more of a hostel, just with the option of having a room to yourself.
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