Typo or Scam - 23 Hour Service??
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What does the term "23 Hour Service" when used by the service & repair industry?

I was looking for plumbing information online and came across several companies that offer "23 Hour Service" or "23 Hour Emergency Service" or something to that effect. I thought the first couple of sites were a typo, but it appears on many plumbing companies' sites. I also see it on HVAC companies, as well. Is this some sort of scam that these service industries are visiting upon consumers in the form of a "gotcha"? What I'm thinking is that they offer 23 Hour Service, you believe you're getting 24 Hour service, so when you call in the middle of the night with an emergency and they don't answer, they can say you called during the 24th hour, when they're not available. Seems silly to me, but something screwy is going on here.

Who benefits if that is the case? Seems like you'd only anger your customers when they really need you the most...not really good for business is it?

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So...what exactly is 23 Hour Service? Any clue?
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Best answer: It's shorthand to say they're faster than those who offer 24-hour service. It's like when companies purposely misspell words in their ads just to grab your eye. The Yellow Pages can often be a crowded place for those service companies, so plumbers will do what they can to get your attention.
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Far more common is 25 hour service with 1,460 hits vice 16 for 23 hour service. I presume they are just trying to stand out. Many of the 25 hour service guys are also 8 days a week.
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23 comes before 24 alphabetically.
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I guess it's kind of like offering an item for sale at a price of $X.99. I mean, there's something about $99.99 that's clearly better and more attractive than just going with the obvious $100.00 and "calling it even".
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23 comes before 24 alphabetically.

No it doesn't. /nitpick
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I used to live upstairs from Bruce. Bruce drove a tow truck: a sweet black flatbed with recessed flashers and a massive winch on the front. On the doors was written "Bruce's Wrecker Service: Out To Get You 23 1/2 Hours A Day".

When I asked about that, Bruce said, "Well, I gotta stop and take a shit sometime."
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Actually the whole point of the $X.99 was to get the cashier to open the cash register and give change, making it harder for them to just pocket the money.
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Interesting. I did not know that.
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I did not know that either. I still don't. But it has a ring to it. Carillon, can you offer sourcing?
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