How to prevent S Video cable from overriding DVD signal?
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My (very basic) DVD player is connected to my (also very basic) TV with RCA cables. My laptop plugs into my TV with an S Video cable (so I can watch Netflix streaming, etc). The problem: if the S Video cable is plugged in (even if the laptop isn't connected on the other end) the TV won't recognize the signal coming from the DVD player. My solution is to simply unplug the S Video cable when I want to use my DVD player, but ideally I'd like to keep it plugged in and have some sort of switching mechanism. Is there such a product and if so, can someone provide a link? Thanks!
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How about a video game console switcher?

You can get similar items at stores that sell video equipment, but I find the ones they sell in video game stores to be cheaper and work just as good.
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Response by poster: Carl, as a non-gamer I didn't even think of that! Does the console switcher connect via S Video?
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Here you go:

4 Way S-Video Audio Video AV RCA Switch Switcher Splitter + AV Cable

Ten bucks shipped & handled.
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Oops. ^Probably not what you're looking for. Try this link.
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Also, if you live anywhere near a Walmart/Target/Kmart you can pick one up in the electronics section, right next to the cables and remotes and such. I have a 'Philips/Magnavox' branded one from Wallyworld with 4 inputs (RCA/SVideo/Composite) and one set of the same outputs. About the same price as the one linked above.
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AONeal79 : you can buy switchers for whatever your needs are. the rule of thumb is "the highest fidelity of input is also your highest fidelity of output", meaning (for example) if you can s-vid INTO the switcher, the switcher will be able to s-vid out to your TV.
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Response by poster: Well, f*ck. Ordered that first product. Am I screwed?
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Response by poster: (BTW, I don't need help on connecting the laptop to the TV. I've got that down. It's just that having the S Video cable plugged in overrides the signal from the DVD player.)
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Game switchers for the last wave console systems typically had svideo and rca. I see them at yard sales regularlly.

I had my svideo go into a rf modulator attached to an a b c coax box that then sent the signal to six different thrift store televisions. So a was normal tv, b was old video games, and c was laptop. Not for everyone.
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You're not screwed. Plug the laptop into input 1 and the dvd player into input 2. Then get a rca cord from a thrift store to go from switcher to the tv. You can toggle on the fly between dvd and laptop then.
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Best answer: Look for a 2nd set of RCA inputs on the TV. Most likely the S-Video is on the same 'channel' as the RCA ,Let's call it Video-1, and the 2nd set (which may be on the front or side of the TV) would be Video-2.
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Response by poster: Gungho, you just made my day. I put the DVD's inputs into the front of the TV and now I can toggle between the DVD and laptop. Thanks!
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