How can I convert a MAC AVI file to MPEG?
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I have an AVI file on a mac. I would like to convert it for use in After Effects and eventual burn onto DVD. I can handle the second part, but I'm having trouble converting the AVI to MPEG. (More Inside)

My stumbling seems to come from the way the audio is encoded. with the divx plugin I can get video in QT but no audio. I have the pro version of Quicktime, and access to a PC, so if it would be easier there (though I don't have any video software on that), it is an option as well. Many thanks.
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Try ffmpegX in conjuction with mpeg2enc. The ffmpegX will take care of sync'ing audio with video.
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Use gspot to identify the type of audio in the avi. If you could post a screenshot of the gspot info page that'd help.

Assuming it's an audio format that after effects doesn't like,

Then open the avi in virtualdub, select streams | stream list and select the audio and save it outside the avi. Now that you've got the audio out convert it to something more standard like mp3 with a constant bit rate.

Open up the avi again in virtualdub, select streams | stream list, and double click the existing sound to disable it. Make sure the existing audio stream has those crosses over it. [Add] your newly created mp3. Click ok.

Go File | Save As, and in Video Mode select 'direct stream copy'. Hit save and try importing the avi into after effects again.
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holloway, unfortunately he's using a Mac, and those tools are for Windows. I second the ffmpegx recommendation for Mac folks.
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You might want to take a look at MPEG2 Works. It's only $10 and the author, Serbian, is a super nice fellow who promptly answers questions in his forum.
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Thanks for the pointer, fletchmuy! I've been looking for an OS X-based PAL to NTSC converter for awhile.
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These are all great suggestions! Thanks so much.
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