Journals relating to GIS, Sustainability and Renewable Energy
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What journals should I make a habit of reading regularly to stay current in my field and research interests? I am mostly interested in GIS, Renewable Energy and Sustainability.

I have some journals that I find articles in regularly and I attempt to keep up with ESRI's publications discussing GIS applications but I want to broaden my view and get more current on current ideas and research. There are tons of journals on these subjects ranging from "isnt' this neat" to highly technical. I do not shy away from analysis and am not really interested in the less academic journals but I also do not engage in overly complex topics of Geodesy for example.

So, what journals are "must read" journals regarding the development of geography, gis, sustainability and renewable energy? With regards to the latter two categories a focus on urban issues or planning would definitely be the most applicable and relevant to GIS.

Bonus points:

Advice from those in academia on their strategies of maintaining currency in their discipline. Do you dedicate Daily/Weekly/Monthly time? How do you organize your 'general' research time?
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Best answer: This may be obvious, but The Annals of the Association of American Geographers is pretty solid in regards to geography and GIS.
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Best answer: Renewable Energy

Policy: Energy Policy covers a lot of general RE policy but also some resource assessment and tech related.

Tech: Sustainable and Renewable Energy Reviews is good for oversight of various issues, used to be policy and tech but has been veering policy in recent years. There is a new journal specific to Re that's just started but my email search function is playing up, i will try to remembr to post the name later.

What I try to do to keep up wth journals is every so often sweep through the in press section of the website to pick kup anything that's current, this can be months ahead of the offical publication, at one point a few years ago Energy Policy had an 18 month delay between been accepted as ready for publication and appearing in a numbered journal.
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Best answer: I was thinking of the Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review, not sure that would be of interest...
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Best answer: Databases let you set up alerts: every time an article is added that fits your narrowed search criteria the database notifies you. I wish there had been such a feature when I was in grad school!

Feel free to email me if you want specific directions, I can help as long as my library has the same database as yours.
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