Real place or no?
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Is this a real place, or just a horrible Photoshop that I really want to exist?

I feel like an ass even asking this, because the image looks like such an obvious fake. And there's nothing on page 30, in case you're wondering.
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Best answer: Looks like Petra, Jordan, to me.
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Best answer: Yup, as featured in Indiana Jones
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Best answer: Yup, Petra. It's a real place. I've been there. It really looks just like that.
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Response by poster: Wow, that was fast! Thanks, you guys.
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Best answer: If you happen to have Netflix, there's a pretty cool A&E doc about Petra called The Hidden City of Petra (and you can either stream it or rent the DVD).
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I learned about Petra from a professor explaining what Melville was talking about in this part of "Bartleby": "Of a Sunday, Wall Street is deserted as Petra; and every night of every day it is an emptiness." Such a great place and a great image.
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And on Flickr.
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Part of the third Indiana Jones movie was filmed there, IIRC.
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Featured in that photo is the treasury of Petra.
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You might also like this place.
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Out of curiosity, why do there seem to be so few photos of the interior? I mean, the exterior is incredibly impressive, but I'd like to see the inside as well. It seems that people are allowed in, is photography not allowed?
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Never mind. I think I just found my answer.
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Yeah, speeb, it's really quite a bummer to walk down the "road" that leads to the Treasury, view it in all its magnificence, and then to go inside and there is nothing. Most of the city is like that--nice facades but no interior.

To this day, I still don't understand why the Arabs selling the tourist tchochkes at Petra don't sell Holy Grails! You'd make bank with those.
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Yup, Petra. I've been and it's not as cool as it is in the photographs, thought it's very cool. Look out for the semi-stray dogs of squatters who still live there.

I suspect it will be more impressive in ten years or so since the city is half buried in sand taht they're removing. That's what they told me anyway.

They're not Arabs. It's in Jordan. And FWIW Jordan itself was waaay cooler than I'd anticipated even if I did get laughed at for coming out of the hotel with wet hair*.

*Apparently that means you just had sex because that's when you wash your hair.
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Petra is wonderful, entering from the Siq to be confronted by the Treasury is just amazing. Sure the 'buildings' are really just facades but it is still pretty mind blowing.
I'll second cmoj, I visited Jordan 10 years ago and to this day it is still the most memorable place I've ever visited.
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The inside is just empty as are most of the other similar structures in the valley. I climbed up above the treasury on the cliff across from it and sketched and people watched for hours. It was great. There's a lot more than just that one structure—I spent three days walking around the immediate area when I was there in 2007. I've traveled a lot and Perta was one of the few places that exceeded my expectations.
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